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Grace Baptist Church holds to the Historic Christian Gospel. Our teaching is consistent with what Jesus preached, what was then amplified in the Epistles of the New Testament, held to by the early Christian church, and reclaimed and put forth once again through the Protestant Reformation. This understanding of the Scriptures is often referred to as “The Doctrines of Grace” or Reformation Theology.

These doctrines are put forth in such documents as “The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689,” which Grace Baptist Church recognizes as our Statement of Faith. We are not bound to this confession and it in no way replaces the Bible or the authority of Scripture. Rather, it is a confirmation of and an assistance to us in understanding our faith.

The Baptist Confession of Faith of 1689 is found on this site in its entirety.

We hold that the true church of the Lord Jesus Christ is composed of those whom He has brought to Himself through saving faith. The membership of Grace Baptist Church is and will strive to continue to be made up of believers in Christ, under His Lordship, who are in substantial agreement with the Historic Gospel.