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Some say that they don't need doctrine, they say:
"just give us Jesus." Well, which Jesus?
The Jesus the Mormons teach?
The Jesus the Muslims teach?
Or... the Jesus the Bible presents?!
Without sound doctrine, people fall for anything.

Cults, like Mormonism, gain converts daily from so called evangelical churches.
How? Because rather than teaching their members sound theology (doctrine)
from the Scriptures, churches focus on such things as entertainment,
leaving their members theologically ignorant and open to all kinds of error.
If you don't know the Jesus of the Bible, you're a target for cults!
If you don't know what the Bible teaches about worship...
how can you rightly worship God?!
If you don't know what the Bible teaches about love...
how will the church get along properly?!

What you believe is important...
your eternal destiny depends on it!
And, while almost all evangelical churches say that:
“They preach God's Word..."

The reality is:

There is seldom any in-depth exegesis of the Scriptures. Most of the time, you rarely even use your Bible. You hear little, if any, comparison of Scripture with Scripture and an understanding of Systematic Theology or Biblical Theology is unheard of.

Instead, you find a variety of "jokes," "stories," "lofty thoughts," "how-to steps," or "life application messages." Many churches boldly declare that they are founded on, and go by, recent best selling books written by famous pastors... conspicuously absent is any mention of their adherence to the Word of God!

The greatest concern of congregations today is: church growth. They think that “if the church is big, it must be right, it must be blessed of God.” According to their own standard, Jesus, who only had a handful of followers at the time of His death, was obviously not doing things right and was thus a failure.

We need TRUTH... not opinions!
We need ANSWERS... not entertainment!
We need SINCERITY... not phoniness!
We need GOD... not religion!
And... these come from doctrine!