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The Priority of Worship at GBC

When the church takes away... or leaves out what God has prescribed for worship,
as so many have done today, they have to replace it with something else!

In an effort to get more people in... or to make everyone happy...
most congregations have replaced Biblical worship:
Praising and glorifying God... with praising and entertaining man!


“Whatever a church uses to attract visitors...
whatever it promotes to lure people to their services...
whatever it does to get families to come or to join as members...
is what that church will have to keep doing in order to retain
them and to maintain their contentment as members. MCH


We strive to use the expositional preaching, teaching
and all around education of God's Word! These are the reasons that
Christians come to be a part of GBC and it is our prayer that these
things will entice other Christians to be a part of GBC as well.
Likewise, we believe that God will use the proclamation of His Word
to genuinely save lost men and women in our church. Not gimmicks,
entertainment, or stories with long invitations, as is popular today. MCH

GBC’s worship services strive to praise and exalt God, not to entertain man. Each service seeks to be in accordance with the historic “regulative principle.” That is, including what the Bible demands, not trying to put in everything that the Bible does not explicitly forbid.

As such our services are simple with prayer, the reading of the Scriptures, the praise of God through the singing of hymns, the giving to God of our tithes and offerings and with strong emphasis on the proclamation of His Word.

We unashamedly proclaim the Scriptures the way God has given them, not leaving out the hard portions so as not to “offend anyone.”

We have no “invitations” designed to coerce people to get saved or join our church. We believe that salvation is a work of the Triune God not merely the work of a church pressuring people into His kingdom. We further believe that church membership should not be entered into lightly let alone on the “spur of the moment” at the end of a church service.