Join us Sundays at 10:45am

America has become the land of the religious "show."  Many churches have become mere cultural, social or emotional gatherings centered around entertainment... rather then Biblically based, doctrinally grounded, spiritual bodies of believers meeting to worship the Living God.  The day is too dark and the Truth of God's Word is too valuable and too powerful to be squandered as it is in so many churches today!

You are invited to come and visit GBC... We strive to exalt God, not entertain men!

Grace Baptist began several years ago with a handful of believers who were attending a local Baptist church, but were longing to be fed more than “milk” from God’s Word. They were tired of the petty non-Biblical problems that seemed to plague most churches today and were desirous to be part of more than a “religious social club.”

In 1994 the church was constituted and called Pastor Hildebrandt to be the founding pastor. From the beginning GBC centered on the exposition of scripture through the centrality of preaching. There are no committees, there are no divisions, there are no “cliques,” and we've never have bitter or nasty business meeting or anything of the kind.

There can be no disguising the fact that doctrinally centered and expositional preaching centered churches are not popular in our day. Yet God has been gracious and we have persevered, never wavering from the our stance for the Historic Christian Faith or our purpose of growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.